Our Approach

We take a firm-wide approach to Sustainability – covering how we behave as an investor as well as how the organisation goes about our daily work. Our approach is designed to be holistic and focuses on issues which impact us and our portfolio most from a business materiality point of view.

As a Responsible Investor

Khazanah looks to ensure an equitable transition of our portfolio, creating sustainable impact through managing ESG risk and identifying value creation oppurtunities

As a Sustainable Organisation

Khazanah looks to empower its employees to advocate for responsible behaviours as professionals

As a Good Corporate Citizen

Khazanah continues to catalyse positive change in the environment and surrounding communities, for value distribution towards a better future for the nation

Sustainable Investing

  • As a responsible investor, we are committed towards generating positive outcomes through our investment activities and ensuring an equitable and responsible transition for our investee companies as they embark on their sustainability journeys. This will be achieved through supporting our companies through continuous active shareholder engagement. At the operational level, Khazanah has commenced integration of ESG considerations into all its investment decision-making processes, namely:
    • Assessment of investment opportunities
    • Monitoring at portfolio and company level
    • Identifying Sustainability themes as part of value creation

Enterprise Sustainability

  • Khazanah has formed a Sustainability Working Group, a company-wide initiative that looks to transform how we behave as an organisation, incorporating Sustainability principles into all that we do and working towards:
    • Reducing our carbon emissions footprint as an organisation
    • Reducing waste generated by our staff and encouraging recycling
    • Enhancing our Social and people related policies and practices (e.g. diversity and inclusivity, volunteerism)