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13 October 2006


Joint Media Statement by SCIC and Khazanah

Hanoi, 13th October 2006 – The State Capital Investment Corporation of Vietnam (“SCIC”), and Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Malaysia (“Khazanah”) have today signed a Statement on Proposed Cooperation, signifying their intention to collaborate across a wide range of areas of mutual interest.

As key Government controlled strategic investment arms of their respective countries, both SCIC and Khazanah share common principles and concepts in their activities. Both organisations have identified many areas for greater collaboration between SCIC and Khazanah that could be mutually beneficial and it is hoped that the partnership will result in greater cooperation between SCIC and Khazanah in the future.

Khazanah’s Managing Director, Dato’ Azman Hj Mokhtar, said, “We are very pleased and honoured to be establishing a framework for cooperation with SCIC. As a government investment agency that is also undertaking micro-economic transformation, we believe that there are many ideas and experiences that we can share and mutually benefit from to further our respective strategic objectives”.

Madam Le Thi Bang Tam, Chairwoman of SCIC, shared Dato’ Azman’s sentiments, saying, “SCIC sees Khazanah as a successful example to follow because of our similar objectives of becoming a dynamic strategic investor for the Government. We are therefore delighted to have this cooperation and exchange experiences with Khazanah, which we believe can be of great help to the SCIC, and we look forward to further develop our partnership”

In conjunction with the signing of the Statement on Proposed Cooperation, SCIC and Khazanah had on Thurday, 12 October 2006, jointly organised a seminar in Hanoi on Khazanah’s experience in transforming Government Linked Companies. A senior delegation from Khazanah, headed by Dato’ Azman, is also on a reciprocal courtesy visit to the Management of SCIC and various other key Vietnamese Agencies.

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