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17 December 2007


PINTAR (Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility), the school adoption programme involving Government-Linked Companies (“GLCs”), has shown encouraging result on its first anniversary with 397 students from 34 primary schools under the programme obtaining 5As in the recent UPSR examination.

In terms of percentage, the number of students who obtained 5As from these schools is 12.7%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 9.7%. It is also a marked improvement over 2006 results whereby 9.4% of the students who sat for the UPSR examination obtained 5As.

PINTAR activities at these schools started since January 2007, whereby GLCs have been participating actively by implementing various programmes such as remedial and tuition classes, nutrition programmes, motivation courses, counselling clinics and skills building workshops.

A total of 3,129 candidates from these schools sat for the UPSR examination this year (3,122 candidates in 2006). Apart from the 397 students those who obtained 5As, another 319 obtained 4As; an increase from last year’s results whereby only 294 obtained 5As and 292 obtained 4As. Notable improvements were also recorded in key subjects in this year’s examination as 31% of candidates scored A in Mathematics, 27% in Science and 18% in English. Average overall pass rate of these schools also improved to 68% in 2007 from 61% recorded last year.

PINTAR was piloted in Penang in December 2006 and has since expanded to other states in stages. Presently a total of 25 GLCs are participating in this programme that has to-date covered more than 38,400 students in 96 primary and secondary schools. It is expected to be expanded to 350 schools by 2010. In line with this expansion, the private sector partnerships for PINTAR will be broadened to involve more companies.

PINTAR programme is one of the initiatives that stems from the GLC Transformation (“GLCT”) Programme. It redefines school adoption programmes in line with the Government’s call under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (“9MP”) and 2006 Budget on public-private partnerships for sustainable development. The Putrajaya Committee on GLC High Performance (“PCG”), the committee that supervises the GLCT Programme, is hoping that PINTAR can be replicated to other corporations to support the Government’s call on Human Capital Development.

The core components of the programme constitutes Motivation and Teambuilding Programmes; Educational Support Programmes; Capacity and Capability Building; and Reducing Vulnerabilities and Societal Issues. These programmes are carried out in partnership with civil society and non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) working closely with the community and the school administration.

PINTAR was launched in Penang on 17 December 2006 by the Minister of Finance II, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and supported by both Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education.

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