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6 Julai 2009


The talent exchange scheme for Government-Linked Companies’ (“GLCs”) employees, the “GLC Cross Assignment Programme” was officially launched today by YB Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Minister of Finance II. The GLC Cross Assignment Programme is part of the initiatives under ‘The Orange Book1: Strengthening Leadership Development’ that is meant to provide greater exposure for GLC employees and bigger opportunity to develop their leadership quality.

Under the programme, participants from one GLC are exchanged with participants from another GLC on a secondment basis for a period of 12 months, with the option of being extended for another 12 months (1+1 year). Upon completion, the participants will then return to their own GLCs and are expected to apply their experience and knowledge from their stint in the corresponding GLCs for the betterment of their own companies.

Aimed at the GLCs’ middle level managers, the GLC Cross Assignment Programme has three objectives, which are:

  1. To build high performing business leaders in GLCs
  2. To develop a new generation of leaders
  3. To allow for the transfer of knowledge and expertise between GLCs

These objectives will help to accelerate leadership development of GLC employees and in the medium term, partly address the shortfall of future leaders which could hamper efforts to turn the GLCs into high performing entities. In June 2008, the G-202 completed their Leadership Development Audit and identified a Leadership Gap of 3,105 leaders or 41.4% across the grouping, as currently, there are only 4,399 leaders available at the G-20 whereas the aggregate demand for leaders is approximately 7,504.

The GLC Cross Assignment Programme started with a pilot scheme in June 2008 where 15 employees from 10 GLCs were sent across to these companies for cross assignments. The current batch is the second cycle that is seeing a larger participation with approximately 35 candidates going across 18 GLCs.

The programme has garnered much attention since its inception due to its unique nature. Touted as “the first of its kind”, it has been the subject of interest and focal point of a case study by the Institute of Management Development (“IMD”), Switzerland.

The Government has also taken note of the uniqueness of the programme and its ultimate aim to accelerate the development of the nation’s human capital. Recently, Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak has announced plans to expand the programme beyond its current mandate to include cross fertilisation of talents between the Government and GLCs. The proposed talent exchange is expected to strengthen the capability and versatility of both the public and the private sector of this country. The first cross assignment between the Government and GLCs is expected to commence in the third quarter this year.


1 The Orange Book is an initiative under the GLC Transformation (“GLCT”) Programme.

2 A grouping of 20 largest GLCs listed on Bursa Malaysia that participates in the GLCT Programme.

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